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History of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is Pakistan’s second-biggest city in the Sindh province. It’s among the biggest cities in the nation as well. . The metropolis is located on the south-eastern side of Pakistan. It is also the capital of the Hyderabad division, which consists of five autonomous cities.

Its vibrant cultural heritage, ethnic diversity and vestiges of glorious past and progressive present make it significant. This article contains all information about the city, including the history of Hyderabad.
The illustrious history of Hyderabad dates back to Neroon, the ruler of the region. The ancient name of the area was attributed to him as Neroon Kot, meaning Neroon’s state or country. Most of the residents were Buddhists and most of the residents in the settlement were fishermen.

Mohammad Bin Qasim, a 17-year-old Arab military commander, invaded Neroon in 1711 and defeated Raja Dahir, the last Hindu ruler of Sindh. Islam then soon began to spread in Sindh. Historians describe that the city was founded by Ghulam Shah Kulhora, a saintly ruler, in 1768 when he conquered the area.

He named this city after the brave cousin and son-in-law of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Ali (R.A.), whose title was Hyder (lion). The name Hyderabad is composed of two words; Hyder (lion) and Abad (city), meaning “Lion City”. Before the division of the subcontinent, the city was considered the most beautiful and cleanest.

The “Paris of India” was the previous moniker given to the city.
Every morning the streets were washed with clean drinking water from the Indus River. It remained the capital of Sindh until 1935. Even after partition, it served as the capital of Sindh for almost 8 years from 1947 to 1955.

History of Hyderabad


Hyderabad is located at 25.367°N and 68.367°E on the geographic coordinate system. Its naturally beautiful landscape, topography, plains, mountainous regions and the Indus River on the eastern bank contribute to the prosperity and progress of the region.


Due to its geographical terrain, the climate is mostly mountainous and pleasant compared to the surrounding cities. The region experiences all four seasons. Compared to spring and fall, summer and winter are longer.
The hottest time of the year, when the temperature can reach up to 48.5 °C, is from April to June.

Winters are usually mild, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C. August is usually the wettest month with the highest rainfall (60.8 mm), while January is the driest month with the lowest rainfall (1.2 mm).


The city has a densely populated population of 1,732,693, as of the 2017 census. The population density is 5,900/km2 (15,000/sq mi), making it Pakistan’s 8th largest city.

Hyderabadi culture

The city of Hyderabad is characterized by its vibrant multicultural diversity. It is rich in heritage and history. Hindus and Christians have also resided here for centuries.

After the division of the subcontinent, a large number of migrants settled here. The excellent menu and recipes of traditional Sindhi cuisine such as Sindhi Biryani and Fish Palla are famous throughout the country. Cakes from Bombay Bakery are the best. Agriculture
Despite being the second most populous city of Sindh, the area surrounding Hyderabad is highly fertile and suitable for cultivation. Agriculture is mainly dependent on canal irrigation. The eastern bank of the Indus River allows the land to grow rich crops or plants.

Hyderabad is a producer of quality crops such as cotton, mango, millet, oilseeds, rice, sorghum (Jowar), sunflower, soybean, rape and mustard, sugarcane and wheat.

new jobs in hyderabad pakistan


Hyderabad is an important commercial and trade center of Sindh. Due to its proximity to Pakistan’s industrial hub Karachi, Hyderabad is also flourishing as an economic and industrial zone. The industrial zones and industries of both cities are getting closer to each other.

New industrial units are coming up on both sides of the 136 km long national highway M-9 connecting Karachi and Hyderabad. A significant part, 75%, of the province’s industry is located in the region between Karachi and Hyderabad. Currently, the industrial sector contributes 25% to the total GDP of Pakistan.


Hyderabad is known for its decorative glass bangle industry, which is the largest in the world. Pakistan is one of the leading producers of high quality leather. The leather industry in Hyderabad is also known for producing export quality leather goods and garments.

World-famous handicrafts are also produced here. Another distinctive feature of this city is cottage industry. Textile companies and hosiery factories are abundantly represented in the industrial zone. Other industrial units produce plastics, soap, paper, mirrors and ceramics (ceramics).

Scope of new jobs in hyderabad pakistan

Hyderabad is one the largest city in Sindh. Therefore there are large number of jobs opportunities are available .We will now discuss Public and Private Departments Here.

Police Department Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a large city. Therefore its require a large number of persons are required for the safety of the citizens. Each year gov of Sindh announces multiples posts of vacant positions available in department

Education Department Hyderabad

The aim of Hyderabad government is to provide free education to all of his citizens, Since Hyderabad is very popular city. Therefore it require large number of teaching staff to provide education The Hyderabad government announces posts of teaching time by time. If you are Looking for teaching jobs in Hyderabad you should keep checking education department in Hyderabad.

Agriculture Department Hyderabad

Agriculture Department is very important department in Hyderabad. its purpose is to provide food to its masses Therefore in order to maintain its operations throughout the city it requires a large number of qualified persons. Each year government of Hyderabad announces posts related to agricultural field like research officer, agriculture officers, It officers etc.


Which job is best in Hyderabad?

Police job
Area sale manager
Territory manager

How to earn easy money in Hyderabad?

By doing online works like freelancing we can earn money easily in hyderabad.

Which jobs are in demand in Hyderabad?

Admin Manager
Lead Generation Specialist
Graphic Designer

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